Two days. Fifteen hours of work sessions. Twenty speakers, fifteen cities of seven countries, four international networks and organizations, one hundred and fifty assistants… Participatory workshops, two official languages ​​and another three or four unofficial languages. A very dense program that has put Zaragoza, on December 13 and 14, at the center of the European cities movement for agroecology.

A program that has taken us from Freiburg to Liverpool and from Milan to Ghent. From the urbanistic tools in the planning of the damaged periurban agricultural tissues to the agroecological commercialization circuits. From the excitement of the encounter with the gardener in the monthly market to the magic of composting and the local closure of the cycles of matter and energy.

A couple of days that have led us to the birth of the European Network of AgroEco Cities that is born, despite the overload of the agendas of its participants, with the aim of becoming a space for the exchange of experiences and reflection. Born to address the most outstanding challenges detected during the conference: circular economy, distribution and logistic platforms, territorial planning, etc.

Cities that decide to work together around the challenges that unite and connect them also with other networks and structures to go hand in hand. Thus, Zaragoza was, in these foggy December days, a melting pot where luminous alliances of cities with other cities, of administrations with social movements, of people with people.

Thanks so much to all of you who made it possible!!!


PD: In the coming weeks we will tell you in detail what happened these days and upload here the documents we have worked with in this meeting.