Some stepping-stones

We have developed a first set of conditions and specific arrangements as a starting point to build up the European network of Agro Eco Cities. The most important are:

  • Setting the focus on cities that address their agro-ecological commitment from systemic and professional perspective of agro-food chain.
  • Enhance a sustainable model of production-distribution-consumption, supporting issues as organic production, professionalization, short circuits and direct sales.
  • Set the agricultural production in proximity as a main priority, locally enhancing production, distribution, industrial processing, marketing, employment and consumption.

En fechas cercanas al Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente, el Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza celebra la Fiesta de la Huerta Zaragozana, que pretende reconocer el trabajo de los agricultores de nuestra ciudad y animar a la población a consumir productos ecológicos de la huerta zaragozana. En esta ocasión, además, se inaugura el traslado del Mercado Agroecológico a su nueva ubicación en la Plaza del Pilar. Sección de Educación Ambiental, de la Agencia de Medio Ambiente y Sostenibilidad.  Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza.

Consequently, this workgroup has established a set of general guidelines concerning the operation of the network, which will be discussed and reworked by the cities involved:

  • a practice-oriented structure to share experiences and develop collaborative and innovative solutions to the problems that affect the towns involved in the network. Those problems and solutions include: access to land for farmers, protection of agricultural uses in urban and peri-urban territories, professional incorporation of new and young farmers, provision of public or collective infrastructure for regionalised distribution, professional training adapted to food sovereignty and agroecological schemes, valorisation of land uses and agricultural professional activity, development of local food strategies, etc.
  • a participatory basis for the network that member cities can review and modulate to promote a collaborative building up.
  • it is considered particularly important to pay specific attention to the networks that already work today around these issues, including other LIFE projects developing similar goals and the wider European movement for agroecology and local and sustainable food, trying to unify efforts and promote a collaborative action.

Fiesta de la Huerta Zaragozana

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