Next 13 and 14th December we have an appointment in Zaragoza (Spain). ‘Walking towards a European Network of AgroEco Cities’, an international event organized by the City Council of Zaragoza under Huertas Life Km 0 project.

You can read here a programme of the event and, also, register here.

This Seminar will attract representatives of cities interested in joining the network and also experts and members of social organizations actively involved in the development of urban agroecology experiences. The conference will be held in English and Spanish and will have simultaneous translation between these two languages.

The aim of the conference is twofold:

  • on the one hand, generate an open meeting place for exchange, debate and reflection on the key elements of concern for the cities committed to agroecology and food sovereignty
  • on the other, take the necessary steps for the implementation of the European Network of Cities for Agroecology, with specific workshops for people directly involved in the development of the network.

The Seminar is organized around five experiences panels:

  • Revitalization of peri-urban agricultural holdings
  • Local food networks and short marketing circuits
  • Access to land and the protection of agricultural land use. Obstacles and legal tools
  • Food governance, participatory processes and local food policies
  • Networks for sustainability of local food systems

You can download here the programme for the meeting. And you can register here for the conference, to be held at the premises of Etopía (Zaragoza), by completing this form. Places are limited, so it is important that you register as soon as possible.