On October 20th the New Urban Agenda was approved in the framework of the Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador, convened by the United Nations.

This new agenda calls towards sustainability and social justice in cities, and develops mechanisms for the monitoring and implementation of the agreements reached.

The document talks about the sustainability of local food systems as well as more specific issues such as the preservation of sustainable agricultural uses of soil in periurban areas, the importance of maintaining and expanding urban and periurban agricultural production or the need to strengthen the mechanisms of urban provision by means of local or regional sustainable food.

The New Urban Agenda represents undoubtedly a great support for the European Network of AgroEco Cities and all the projects which foster local and sustainable food systems developed by the cities that take part in the network.

You can read the draft of the New Urban Agenda agreed in Quito by clicking on this link.


In addition, during the days of the Habitat III summit in Quito an alternative Social Forum took part, it held a «space for creating mobilization and developing proposals by citizens from the world’s marginalized sectors, to challenge the global urban model».

In the Declaración por la Defensa de Nuestros Territorios they made «a call for the right to decide on our own and from the diversity of gender, ethnicity, culture and origin, from the shared care and sovereignty of our bodies. We, 99 percent of people who inhabit this planet, raise our voices against exclusion, evictions and the criminalization of protest, demanding recognition and respect for the multiple ways of living».