Farm succession has become an urgent matter for all European countries who care about farming, good food, rural development, public health and the environment. Farmers do indeed feed us, keep rural areas alive, support our health with the good food they grow, and they maintain the landscape and natural habitats. But ageing farmers have difficulties to motivate their offspring to take over the farm, and are often disconnected from a rising group of new entrant farmers.

Preliminary research showed that precise figures on the subject of farm succession are lacking and that adequate tools for facilitating the succession process are absent or insufficient in many countries. In 2015. 5 organisations from 4 countries decided to bring together their expertise and group it into a tool-kit and write a position paper on the issue. FRCIVAM and Interafocg from France, Netzwerk Existenzgründung in der Landwirtschaft (NEL) from Austria, Land & Co from the Netherlands, and Terre-en-vue from Belgium obtained financial support from the European Commission (Erasmus +) to work on farm succession.

The European Network for Farm Succession organises a two day seminar on the 7th and 8th of November. The aim of the seminar will be to highlight the urgency of the matter of farm succession in Europe, to present the results of their one year collaboration as well as the proposals they make to the European institutions.

The seminar also aims at looking for ways to spread and improve their work and establish new European wide partnerships to that effect.

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