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A Seminar will take place in November 16-17th in Donosti-San Sebastián (Spain), designed to discuss and share what means to work from the local level when we try to build food sovereignty. As the organizers suggest, «it’s time to share what we have learned from the experiences that are already underway and think together. We have to foster our ability to decide what food we produce and what food we consume. And explore ways to make possible that these ideas are transformed into public policies that ensure the welfare of all people».

The peasant movement, the fishing communities and all people who work in food production have spent years trying to build alternatives, make proposals, cultivate and provide food in ways that do not respond to the interests of large corporations. This seminar will discuss what initiatives we can develop (content), how can we encourage the participation of people (processes) and how can we transform our society with the implementation of these projects (impacts).

In the coming weeks they will be presenting the image and the website of the seminar and its program, where they hope to have a high number of local experiences in Europe and other continents. To facilitate the participation of all concerned there will be simultaneous translation services in Basque, French and English, as well as materials available in these languages.

More info soon available on the web: http://politikak-elikatzen.bizilur.eus