Other networks

As we are aware of the great development accounted in recent years by several networks of cities working food and agro-ecological issues, the aim is not to create another network operating over them, but to launch a specific network, problem-solving and experience-sharing oriented, and focused on a particular area not covered by other initiatives. This network will necessarily be linked and coordinated with other networks of similar work fields that already exist.

Our network has also been born with a spirit of integration, trying complementarily to address the specific area depicted upwards, while joining the work developed by these other networks and their great achievements.


The idea is for this European AgroEco Cities network to be coordinated from the start with these other networks, and establishing deep links with any of them, under their participants’ guidance.

Some experiences of networked cities around agroecology

Some national city-networks we are connected with:

Other organizations, networks and projects with whom we have much in common:




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