img_1436On October 15th we will celebrate one year since the signing of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, signed by more than 100 cities around the world, including 8 Spanish towns and, among them, the city of Bilbao. The signing of the Pact was the first step towards the C40 Cities Food Network, which will promote constant exchanges to advance the implementation of the measures contained in the document.

Bilbao City Council is working actively and committed to the Pact of Milan since 2014, taking part in the drafting process and the discussion of the final document. They have encouraged participation and have met with different agents and stakeholders in town in order to collect proposals for the development of guidelines for municipal governance. The City Council has also organized a number of workshops and seminars to deal with issues such as the control of food waste or the access to food by vulnerable groups.

Bilbao will organize an international workshop aimed especially to the Spanish cities that have signed the Pact of Milan where other towns will be also invited. The main goal is to share experiences in the development process of the food agenda taking into account urban governance and the implementation of the Pact of Milan.

Basic Contents of the Seminar

  • The challenge of feeding cities under the Sustainable Development Goals _ Agenda 2030
  • Institutional coordination in local governments for the implementation of the Milan Food Policy Pact: internal coordination, Food Strategies…
  • Improve distribution systems and food supplies in cities
  • Experiences that promote relationships and exchange with the productive sector of local agriculture: short peri-urban agriculture, agricultural parks, urban gardens, marketing channels,…
  • Food and agriculture as economic revitalization sectors linked to the values of the Pact of Milan
  • Experiences related to the control of food waste in cities. Management and control systems.

For further information, you can access to the draft of the conference by clicking on this link.