The creation of a European network of cities for agroecology is contained in the project Huertas Life Km 0, promoted by the City Council of Zaragoza (Spain).

This LIFE project develops networking and collaboration with other cities across Europe interested in carrying out actions to improve its wild biodiversity, promoting organic farming and proximity markets. The proposal includes the creation of a European Network of Cities supporting agroecology.

The stepping-stones developing this network would also include building a European database, accessible from the project website, collecting experiences and cities linked to agroecology in urban environments.

Once the cities and/or experiences that might form part of this network are identified and selected those which matches the goals of this network, they will receive a formal invitation to join the creation of the network, participating in the design of any work procedures needed for its set-up, while starting to sharing and mutual learning.

The network has been planned with a strong participatory vocation, corresponding to its own members to gradually develop it and complete its vision and its operating model. Consequently, this document is nothing else than an initial draft for to be discussed, changed and improved through participation of cities and entities interested in joining our network.

Huertas km 0 - Proyecto Life. Recoleccion y entrega de hortalizas para el comedor de la Parroquia del Carmen - Obra Social. Torre de Santa Engracia, en Movera. Seccion de Educacion Ambiental - Agencia de Medio Ambiente y Sostenibilidad, del Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza.

Huertas km 0 – Proyecto Life